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Brotherhood - Meets the first Sunday of each month for a breakfast fellowship, and local mission work discussion.  BACK TO TOP

Church Covenant - Having been led, as we believe, by the Spirit of God, to receive the Lord  Jesus Christ as our Savior, and on profession of our faith, having been baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, we do now, in the presence of God, angels, and this assembly, most  solemnly and joyfully enter into covenant with one another, as one body in Christ. 

We engage, therefore, by the aid of the Holy Spirit, to walk together in  Christian love; to strive for the advancement of this Church in knowledge, holiness and comfort; to promote its prosperity and spirituality; to  sustain its worship, ordinances, discipline and doctrines; to contribute cheerfully and regularly to the support of the ministry, the expenses of the  Church, the relief of the poor, and the spread of the Gospel through all

We also engage to maintain family and secret devotion; to religiously  educate our children; to seek the salvation of our kindred and acquaintances; to walk circumspectly in the world; to be just in our dealings,  faithful to our engagements, and exemplary in our deportment; to avoid all tattling, backbiting, and excessive anger; to abstain from the abuse of intoxicating drink, and to be zealous in our efforts to advance the kingdom of our Savior. 

We further engage to watch over one another in brotherly love; to remember  each other in prayer; to aid each other in sickness and distress; to cultivate Christian sympathy in feeling and courtesy of speech; to be slow to take  offense, but always ready for reconciliation and mindful of the rules of our Savior to secure it without delay. 

We moreover engage, that when we remove from this place, we will as soon as  possible, unite with some other Church where we can carry out the spirit of this covenant and the principles of God’s Word.
 (Revised the 17th day of February 2016) BACK TO TOP

Children's Church - Not Active at this time.   BACK TO TOP

Discipleship Training -   BACK TO TOP

Doctrinal Statement -

Foreign Missions - We support Foreign Missions through the Cooperative Program in the Southern Baptist.   BACK TO TOP

History - The Dailey Street Baptist Church was organized in 1925 in the old Commissary Building on Barlow Street.  The Rev W.A. Broome was the first pastor.  Land was purchased on Dailey Street and an auditorium was completed there in 1926.  It was a one-room building of 40 feet by 60 feet.  A north wing for Sunday School purposes was added in 1949.  In 1960 a south wing was completed.  In 1964 a new sanctuary was completed with a a seating capacity of 350.  A new educational building was completed in 1972.  new stained glass windows were installed in February of 1993 and the gable roof over the educational building was added in the spring.  In 1996 the sanctuary and Sunday school rooms were re-carpeted, chandeliers were installed in the sanctuary and new cushions were added to the pews.  A new sound system has been installed and the parking lot enlarged and repaved.  New equipment and furniture has been added to the Fellowship Hall.  We are currently working on remodeling our facilities and funding a new Fellowship Hall to be built next to the existing building. Additional land has been purchased and the existing structure has been razed in preparation for the Fellowship Hall. BACK TO TOP

Junior 12 -15/Youth 16-19 - The Junior/Youth Council which meets the fourth Sunday of each month oversees the activities of both groups.  Activities include pizza parties, special group outings, etc.    BACK TO TOP

Drama Team - Not active at this time. BACK TO TOP

Local Missions - We help people in our community with temporary help in time of need through the Piedmont Benevolence Center.  BACK TO TOP

Nursery - Provided during worship services for children ages birth to 4 years old.  A Sunday School class is also provided.  BACK TO TOP

Acteens - (Not Active at this time) Girls ages 12 and up - Girls continue their mission work, Bible Drills, and other fun activities.  BACK TO TOP

GA's - (Not Active at this time) Girls ages 6 - 12, learn missions work, life skills and do many fun activities.   BACK TO TOP

Mission Friends - (Not Active at this time) Ages 0 - 5 children learn about missionaries and their work.  BACK TO TOP

RA's - (Not Active at this time) Royal Ambassadors, boys ages 6 and up learn about God's work, have Bible study and do many fun activities.  BACK TO TOP

Plan of Salvation - What Must I do to Be Saved? (Acts 16:30)

Sunday School - A devotion service is held before Sunday School each week.  Adults meet in the sanctuary and the children meet upstairs.

Women's Missionary Union - WMU meets the second Tuesday of each month   BACK TO TOP


Pastor: Brother Ted Anderson
Brotherhood Director:
David Law
President:  HS Law
Buildings/Grounds Committee HS Law;  David Law; Hugh Kiser
Choir Director:
Margie Callahan
Assistant: Leon Bradley
Musicians:  Vicki Goodwin/ Judy Anderson/ Marcel Emigh
Church Clerk:
Judy Anderson
Assistant:  Sandra Bradley
Deacon Committee Members:
H.S. Law
David Law
Frank Emigh
Hugh Kiser
D.T. Director
Assistant:  N/A
D.T. Teachers:  Adults  David Law, Junior/Youth Class 
Easter Play Director:  
First Callers: Carolyn Law, Jean Howell Cards:  Linda Morgan
Groundskeeper: Frank Emigh
Kitchen Comm Chair: Bonnie East Kitchen Workers:  Sarah Law
Linda Morgan
Assistant:  Vacant
Local Missions Deacon Committee
Nursery Director: TBA
Parlementarian Frank Emigh
Personnel Committee HS Law;  Marcel Emigh; Phil Stephenson
RA's Leaders: Vacant
Sound Room Comm Hugh Kiser;/Todd LaGessie 
Sunday School Director:
David Law
Assistant:  Linda Morgan
Sunday School Teachers: Age 0 - 3  Asst:  

Age 4 - 11  Asst: Vacant

Teen Grades 7 - 12 Girls 

Teen Grades 7 - 12 Boys  

Erby Renfroe Class  Phil Stephenson, Asst:  Hugh Kiser

Pairs & Spares Class  , Asst: N/A

Thelma Lindsey Class  Joan Haney, Asst:  Bonnie East

Joy Class  Marcel Emigh, Asst:  Carolyn Law/Edna Trammell

Sympathy Comm Chair: Bonnie East Servers:  Bonnie East, Sarah Law Flowers:  Secretary/Sub. Secretary
Ushers H.S. Law; David Law, Alternate Counter:  Frank Emigh/Ernie Sides/Ed LuAllen
VBS Directors: Joan Haney
Web Master Marcel Emigh
WMU Director:
Carolyn Law
President:  Joan Haney
Youth Teachers/Leaders:   Drama Team Leader: Council:  


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